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Quality Policy

     We believe people are our most important asset.   This includes our customers,   our suppliers,   and our employees.   Integrity and Honesty must be reflected in all our dealings with these people.   All promises,   products and services must reflect our commitment to Quality.   Quality is the result of total employee commitment to exceeding our customerॸpectations,   and must be the driving force behind all of our operating procedures.   Our valued Customers are the reason we are in business.   Our commitments to Quality and Excellence will assure our success.

Quality Assurance

     Neco Engineering recognized years ago that inspecting parts after production was only a "band-aid" solution, disguising the problem of inadequate quality control during manufacturing. If work pieces could be monitored for compliance with specifications during processing, the quality would be "machined in."   This concept is now widely embraced by the industry.

Quality Assurance Room
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